Mao’s Mausoleum & Forbidden City

We had a busy day yesterday, walking over 7 miles, taking crowded subways, passing through dozens of security checkpoints, visiting the surreal homage site to Mao’s preserved dead body, pushing through crowds and 90 degree heat at the Forbidden City, hiking up to a viewpoint of the city, and eating fried octopus and donkey meat sandwiches at the night market (those last two were braved by Coulson and Wesley)

And we’re off!

Danica, Eden, Marieke, Wesley, Faith and Lisa have all boarded their Air Canada flight to Beijing.

Derek, Cyrus, and Quinn have completed the first leg of their journey from Seatac to Vancouver but we weren’t able to connect at the airport.

Lizy, Rain, Nia, and John will leave around 5pm tonight. All is well!